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He lounged in the cockpit of his Cannonball III solarship, surrounded by a symphony of blinking lights and screens painting colorblind symphonies around him. The chair cradled him in comfort, while the ship’s artificial gravity, dialed down a notch, mimicked the lighter pull characteristic of the Jovian moons’ gravity. Orbiting Callisto, he awaited instructions Tanya would relay from the head office.

The mission, as Gage had assured, went without a hitch—smooth as silk. Yet, an uneasy feeling lingered, elusive, like a note out of tune in an otherwise perfect melody.

The cargo he had secured was none other than Iona Stirling, a premier asset of Sleeping Beauty Inc., ranked third in value on Callisto and ninth across the Jovian sector. Despite the rankings, for Gage, she was the pinnacle of his escort missions, the most luxurious model he was tasked to transport.

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